Sunday, March 18, 2007

Simply Sunday

I had a fabulous weekend, and I didn't do any stamping/crafting at all! All of our kids were home for the weekend and I usually do something crafty with Meagan, but we are saving our ideas for our time during spring break. We all went to the movies to see Wild Hogs and it was very funny. It was great to spend an entire weekend doing nothing but enjoying our time together.

I went to a ladies retreat at church yesterday and it was awesome! It was very empowering and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to participate. The theme/ title is " One flew outta tha coop: A gathering for chicks who want to fly higher" and info can be found at Kingdom outpost ministries. We actually broke wooden boards with our bare hands -to the tunes of Top Gun and Rocky, no less!

Ok, back to stamping. This is a little card I made for a friend's daughter. I love the doodles and must add the larger Doodle This or Bundle of Joy baby doodle set to my collection. There are so many fantabulous sets, how can a girl ever choose just one?


Jeanine Eckert said...

Great card, and a cute blog- love the title!

redfirekat said...

oh, I like. I just mounted my this and that and half the alpha at lunch today. Can't wait to use them!!!!! I like this card. I'll have to get to work and out do(odle) you. I'm so funny.