Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dusting vs. Dazzling? seriously.

Aggh! I should really be cleaning my house and getting everything ready for my open house Thurs. night, but I knew it was vital that I post here before I do any chores. I've also HAD to watch toons with E.T., finish reading my latest book, put on my pj pants, read a few stampin' blogs, ..... the list could go on and on. I'm pretty good at finding a reason not to clean :)
While there is never a good reason to do housework, there is always a good reason to stamp! One good reason for stamping is that it leads people to tell me how fabulously talented I am. Ok, Mary King and I sit around talking about how fabulously talented I am. Ok,Ok, MK eats chips and listens as I talk about how f.t. I am.

I made this sparkle card the other night when I was on my pink/black kick. I stamped baroque's flourish in black on whisper white paper. I stamped the flowers and sparkle in positively pink. I added dazzlin diamonds on top of the flowers (you know how i like 2 dazzle) for just a little sparkle. Another simple and fun card.

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