Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Break is Over!!

Thank goodness, er, I mean poor kids finally had to go back to school. We had seven kids in the house for the most part of last week, and it was busy to say the least. We started spring break with a visit to family in Tennessee. Meagan and I had tons of fun stamping with Nanna. Meagan said she could really get hooked on stamping, so I guess it is contagious ( one visit to SCS tells ya that!). I don't have pics of anything we stamped, but I have a picture of all of the kids while we were there- the wind was in Sam's hair!

I've got lots of stuff I want to work on this week, but I've got to do some organizing (again..grr) before I do anything. I think I'll do some work tonight while everyone is at Evan's ball game. Before you flame me for being a bad mom and skipping a game to stamp, let me explain that I'll be home with the baby who has an earache. Maybe I'll skip stamping and take advantage of the new swing I got for my anniversary. Yes, you heard that right my terrific hubby got me an outdoor swing/ futon type thing with canopy for our anniversary yesterday. Now to see what surprise I get for my birthday on Thursday!!!

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redfirekat said...

Yeah! Hip Hip Horray. You're back. And you thought no one was noticing.