Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slacker Stamper

So, school has been killing me the past week or so. Who knew nutrition could be so hard and who really wanted to know the complete workings of the digestive system-eeks! I've been doing a little stamping, but its all been secretive. No, I'm not submitting anything professionally- I only wish I were half that good. I've been doing things for other people that are surprises, so I've had to keep it on the low.

The card with the girls was made over spring break while I was in Tennessee. The pocket is paper pieced with random designer paper. Graduation is coming up and I needed a couple of cards for Granger grads. I'm not sure what the actual mascot is, a granger or the granger star- but since I had a star stamp I went with the star. I think its cute and simple, which is important since 18 year old boys will be putting them in the trash soon!
Ok, so maybe not my best work ever but I'll post something good tomorrow - I promise. Speaking of good, I just finished reading the delish book "Savannah Blues". Its part mystery, part romance, and 100% southern fun. The best friends remind me of my relationship with my #1 top best friend (she insists that I call her that). What great books would you recommend?

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