Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekend Update

We spent last weekend in North Carolina with MK and the girls. It may sound hard to believe considering we had 4 kids in the back, but we had fun in the car. It was a great chance for us to spend 4 hours talking and laughing. While in NC we went mining for gem stones. After collecting a bag full of rubies and other stones, Evan wanted to know how much he was going to be paid for his finds! lol We also spent some time playing in the nearby creeks. The water was freezing, but the kids loved it.
Evan and Sam spent alot of time flirting with Sophie and Lilly. Lilly was fascinated by Evan. Sam caught Sophie's attention- I imagine the 2 of them will be a handful in a year or so! It was a fantastic weekend. I have a Stampin' Up party tomorrow night, so I'll finally have new stamping pics to post. Until then- Happy Stamping!

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